Les points Wi-Fi gratuit...a faire tres attention....

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Les points Wi-Fi gratuit...a faire tres attention....

Message  Invité le Mer 28 Nov 2007 - 12:23

Bonjour à tous,
je réalise que l'info suivante est en anglais, par contre je vous invite fortement a le regarder quand meme.

Dans le monde du caravaning on cherche souvent les point Wi-Fi...Ceci est tres pertinant et informatif, pourrait meme sauver vos vacance.

Beware Of HiJacking at WiFi Access Point, Don't Try This at Starbucks - Short youtube tutorial <hr style="COLOR: #020618" SIZE=1>Code:

skilled hackers could do this, after setting up a mailing drop off point to be untraceable. why bother with identity theft, when this scam could instantaneously max out any bozo's credit card, then sell their identity online to the highest bidder on another screen. this is multi-tasking, with very minimal risk.

i am posting this to inform fellow cavernians who tote around their prized laptops, utilizing free WiFi access points. unbeknowingly, these free sites could be setup to bust your bank account & life's savings. Hi-Tech crimes are so quick & vicious.
Thanks to the original uploader ...


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